NBN News Rewind – Episode 13

Proudly presented by Port Waratah Coal Services

NBN Rewind 13 – Coal Industry

Working underground was how many in our region, earned a crust. A local miner filmed here by NBN in the 1960s.

Our brave workers steeled themselves against the perils of working in dark, dirty and dangerous conditions, cutting coal from the crust of the earth.

Hard working horses, known as pit ponies, were still being used at some mines but were slowly being replaced by machines.

The shunting sound of steam locos and rumble of wooden hoppers was a familiar sound. Transport for the fuel that fed the furnaces at BHP and power stations in our region, or to be shipped to our trade partners from the harbour side export facilities at Carrington and Kooragang.

The story of coal, is part of our proud history and we pay tribute to the hard working heroes, who all played a part in our development and prosperity.