NBN News Rewind – Episode 11

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NBN Rewind 11 – Amphicar 770

When is a car not a car? 

When it is a boat…literally?. 

Meet the ‘Amphicar 770’, designed by German Engineer Hans Trippel,

first launched in 1960.

More than 4000 were built in Germany and featured twin propellers, plus an onboard bilge pump.

The Amphicar has been called the ‘clever invention’ that no-one really asked for and manufacturing ended after a few years..

Even though two Amphicars crossed the English Channel in 1965, this clever idea never really washed with the public..

A curious journey shown on NBN News, from the same decade that would later deliver the Moon landing.

Now a collector’s item, this classic Amphibious vehicle returned to our region in 2018.