Charlotte, Simmone and Mat share $536,000 Summit prize

After enduring a 15-day trek amid the pristine alps of New Zealand’s South Island, Charlotte, Simmone and Mat have triumphed among 15 everyday Aussies who embarked on the gruelling challenge of The Summit.

Navigating perilous terrain, heart-racing obstacles, and the watchful eye of the Mountain’s Keeper, the trio persevered in their quest to conquer the mountain and claim their share of the life-changing one million dollar prize.

In a dramatic turn of events, exhausted hikers Mat, Simmone, Charlotte, and Trisha realised they had reached the wrong summit. With only 24 hours left to reach the correct one, they faced losing over $580,000 in prize money if they failed to reach it by 12 pm the next day.

Impeding their progress to the summit were two deadly-deep crevasses they had to cross, along with a note instructing them to leave the final hiker behind. Mat had promised to take Simmone and Charlotte to the summit, so he convinced the group to change the order of crossing, ultimately leaving Trisha and her $53,000 behind.

Navigating treacherous terrain, the trio finally reached the summit and celebrated their hard-earned victory. However, this was short-lived. The Mountain’s Keeper revealed one final twist: Charlotte was given the power to decide the distribution of the prize pot – whether to share it or claim it all for herself.

On the valley floor, the winning hikers were met by those they had eliminated. The group was divided upon hearing of Charlotte’s dilemma. After intense deliberation, Charlotte made a big decision: she chose to give $100,000 each to Simmone and Mat, reserving a sum of $336,000 for herself. 

Charlotte, 35 from New South Wales, said: “I feel I’ve shown myself and those watching that ability truly comes from the heart. That with determination, humour and a few tears, anything is possible. I took the first step towards that peak with the incredible support of my family, friends and partner, and also the support of those on the mountain who believed in me, Olympia, Lochie, Rosi, Mat and Taylor. 

“The prize money will allow me to create security for myself and my family, something I didn’t think would ever be possible as a public healthcare worker. Representation matters. This was for all the nubs out there. You can do it! 

“My truest hope is that anyone who has questioned their ability, physical or otherwise, may allow this experience to be a kernel of hope that they too can do anything. Despite seemingly insurmountable odds, we can all put one foot in front of the other and persevere.”

Mat, 48 from Queensland, said: “Reaching the summit was amazing. And to do it with the people I’d committed to, getting there with was worth every bit of heartache and struggle.”

Simmone, 51, from New South Wales, added: “I went in solely for the money for a better life for my son and I, but what I got was a reignited fire deep in my soul. I’ll be forever grateful that The Summit handed me the match.”

The Summit is an original concept developed by Endemol Shine Australia (a Banijay Company) and Nine.



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