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Look out world, Australia’s most outrageous adventurers are back with a brand-new, jaw-dropping season of the TV Week Logie Award-winning Travel Guides.

From the star-studded streets of Hollywood in the City of Angels to the Olympic city of Paris and the historic sanctuary of Machu Picchu in Peru, Travel Guides returns in a seventh season of bucket-list proportions.

Ready to roam across 10 breathtaking new locations around the world are our favourite travel critics: the Fren family, Matt and Brett, Kevin and Janetta, and Kev, Dorian and Teng.

Joining them on the road for the first time are Karly and Bri, two besties who met while filming Beauty and the Geek for Channel 9 a couple of years ago and have been inseparable since. Like many Aussies, Karly and Bri have barely travelled further afield than Bali. They will be bringing high energy, total glam and wide-eyed wonder as they explore the wide world with the rest of the gang.

“Getting the phone call to be on Travel Guides was a surreal moment for us as we’re such big fans of the show. We haven’t done much travelling around the world, so to be able to see the world in all its glory is a once in a lifetime opportunity. And to do it with my best friend is amazing,” Karly said.

Bri added: “I reckon we’re going to bring some sugar and spice and a barrel of laughs. I’d describe us as chaotic travellers. And when we open our mouths we’re never really sure what’s going to come out. But we can promise young, wild-woman energy.”

Coming from different walks of life, our Guides never fail to prove that one person’s idea of holiday heaven is another’s version of holiday hell.

From checking out the local customs and cuisine to all types of different accommodation and adrenaline-filled activities, each episode will see our Guides giving their brutally honest and hilarious take on some of the most epic adventures on the planet.

And although opinions often differ widely, this season, for the first time, our Guides will all agree on the perfect holiday.

Will it be LA, the Cook Islands, France, India, or will the picturesque waters of Port Stephens and Newcastle, home to the Frens and Matt and Brett, be awarded five stars out of five across the board?

In the season premiere, Travel Guides goes on a spiritual journey through northern India and Nepal. From the holy waters of the Ganges and the wondrous Taj Mahal to crazy Kathmandu, our Guides seek zen as they test their spirits on a 10-day transcendental trip like no other.

Strap in for the biggest, baddest, most bonkers Travel Guides yet.

Narrated by popular Aussie comedian Denise ScottTravel Guides is produced by Nine.


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